Best Battery Pack For The iPhone 4S

By October 22, 2011 iPhone, Phones One Comment

The iPhone 4S has recently been released by Apple, with the super fast dual-core A5 chip built-in plus an 8mp camera packed in the beautiful body of the iPhone 4. Apple have also included an amazing assistant named Siri, which lets u do nearly anything on your iPhone just by speaking to it. For example replying to a sms or email, setting a reminder, setting an alarm, searching for information and many other features. Although this assistant is a great feature, Siri has a huge drawbacks on the iPhone 4S. This is that you will need an internet/data connection to use it and therefore it drain your battery much faster especially if you are using 3G. Also with the A5 being a dual-core it uses more power than the previous A4 chip, used on the iPhone 4. Therefore below are a few battery packs which can solve the problem of battery life on the latest and best iPhone yet.

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